Knowing God, Judgment, and Living Water

this is going to seem like 3 totally different topics, but I think they tie in with each other. the second thing mentioned that I want to talk about is actually I think the first and most important. Jesus said, in john 7, that the Pharisees didn’t know god. He said that He knew him, but they did not. I think this needs to be our focus. Getting to know God more and more. for any of these othe things to take place in our lives, our focus needs to be on getting to know Him better and better, deepening that relationship with Him. Now, having said that, the first thing that struck me in this chapter was where Jesus said that we should not judge by mere appearance. he said that th Jews were willing to circumcise a baby on the Sabbath to keep the law, s why were they so against healing the whole man? then, he said do not judge by appearance. How often do we do that? I know I do. My husband will react with a negative tone o voic because that is just the way he is sometimes, and I’ll think t’s reflecting on me, or I won’t look further and see where it’s coming from. I judge by outward appearance. this is where knowing God bette can hel me. The closer I get to god, the more discernment He will give me. and that brings us to the third topic. the spirit of god lives in me, the Holy spirit. this enables springs of living water to come bubbling out of me. so geting to know God, communing with the Hol Spirit, which is a gift that they didn’t have yet when Jesus preached thi message, and listening to those nudges and that still, small voice wil enable me to have the discernment I need to not judge by appearances an to shine god’s light around me and show the compassion that others need from me.

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