glorifying Myself

In John 8, Jesus said that He doesn’t glorify Himself, that the Father glorifies Him. Then, he said something interesting. He said that if He did glorify Himself, it would mean nothing. If Jesus can’t glorify Himself and have it mean something, then what makes us think we can? How often do we try to do this? I know I do. I will tell about some victory I may have had over sin, which is not wrong necessarily, except my motivation most of th time is, “Look t me.” what I should be saying instead is, “Praise God, who helped me achieve this victory.” For without Him, we can do nothing. Jesus also said in this chapter that He doe nothing without God, so again, if the God-man, Jesus, the sinless Son of God,relies that strongly on His Father, why should we do any differently?

Prayer: Lord, help me to give You the glory, credit, and praise for all the good that happens in my life. Anything I accomplish is thanks to You. In jesus’ name, Amen!

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