A Revelation

I am now playing piano again for church.  I feel like it’s where god is calling me again.  At first, I was playing and singing along with my playing.  I thought god was still calling me to that, but it turns out, I don’t think so.  Today, I had a real revelation.  I had been going back and forth all week with what to play for tonight’s good Friday service during communion.
I thought of doing “Were You There” and singing the verses.  Decided to just do “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” and “On the Cross.”  So much less stressful.

Then I worked up what I thought was a really neat Easter medley.  I just let it flow rather than thinking I couldn’t.  no the singing wasn’t good but letting my creative juices flow and thinking of the words to each song, I felt such joy  I need to play more and work up such medleys like that.  I discovered the truth today that doing god’s calling for y

our life is how you really get so much joy into your life.  And writing is one of those too.

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