forgive this repost, it is a test

I was reading the book of Ruth today, and something struck me.  I, of course, have heard, as have many of you reading this, I’m sure, that jesus christ has died for our sins.  If you want more information about His love for you, be sure to comment and I’ll be glad to help you.  Anyway, we’ve heard this, but the way this hit me was a little different and really revealed something to me.  if you read the book of Ruth, naomi and Alimilech left Bethlehem because there was a famine in the land.  instead of staying and trusting God to provide for them, they left.  they didn’t trust god.  hebrews 11 says that in order to please god, we have to have faith.  so what they did did not please god.  yet when naomi lost everything and came back to Bethlehem, “empty, as she herself said, god did not forsake her.  he didn’t say, “you didn’t trust me, now just keep wallowing in it.”  Sure, there were consequences, and she lost her husband and her sons.  but in the end, he took care of her through Ruth.  and here’s the great nnews: he will do the same for you and me!  no matter what we’ve done, god still loves us and will not leave us.  He forsook jesus on the cross so we wouldn’t have to be forsaken!  Rest in that assurance today!

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