Negative influences

I was reading today how Solomon fell to many wives and concubines.  I was reading how he started worshipping foreign gods because of them.  I also read how Saul did certain things just to please man.

I am sure that solomon felt he could dabble in this stuff and still love these women and not let it negatively affect him.  how many times do we do that?  We hang out with people who are not the best influences on us.  We think we can hang out with them, even let them talk us into doing something that is sinful, trying to convince ourselves it isn’t really sinful. I can handle this, we say.  It won’t draw me away from God.  but i have learned that i am not as strong as I think I am.  We need to be so careful.  for example, if one is trying to lose weight, wihch ai M, (and yes, this can be a god thing too; it has been for me, part of my journey with god), and you have friends that constantly talk about food all the time and snack all the time, and you routinely hang out with these people, it will get you tempted to stray and start snacking.  It won’t hurt, you say.  Of course, you could ask those friends not to talk about food around you, and that’s a great thing.  if they respect you, of course, they would do this.  but let’s say they don’t and say, “hey, i am going to talk about food if I want to.”  then, those friends need to go.  This may sound harsh, but it is for your spiritual growth, your Christian walk.  your relationship to god is the most important thing, and you need to guard it as a pearl of great price!

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