What’s going on?

Well, I thought I would do an update just to get my thoughts in order.
this last two weeks have been really rough.  I just have felt wrung out, but I’ve been praying and really feeling closer to god.
I really  have been craving pasta lately, wanting to order out food, which would completely blow my efforts at weight loss.  I am trying to stick with God and ignore these cravings, but it’s so hard.  I know this stuff isn’t the answer, but it’s hard.  If you all could pray for me in this, I  would appreciate it.
this weekend has been nice, for the most part.  I and a coupole friends  read a true crime book together called “the good Nurse.”  I finished it yesterday.  amazing how the perpetrator got away with all he did.  Basically, he was murdering patients right and left for no specific reason.  It wasn’t one of those angel of mercy type of things either.  Some of them were improving.
Friday, I went to snack in the word, which is a program on Interactive Christian Community, which is an online Christian community I am a member of.  We were talking about temptations and how to resist them.  it was good.  then, I talked to my friend Richard for a while, and he helped me with a problem I was having getting a program installed that didn’t seem to want to launch.  We then were talking to my big bro, doc.  Well he isn’t really my brother by blood, but still.  We were playing with NVDA, which is a free screen reader.
I had also thought about watching “Law and Order: SVU,” on Netflix, since it is audio described, but I found out they only have the last 3 seasons.  Still watching “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Haven,” but they are not described.  Thinking about checking out “Criminal Minds,” since it is described.  had watched it before, but going to start over.
Yesterday, I attended another presentation on the ICC site, but it is a separate entity called the Refuge.  We had a good meeting.  I then played uno on RS Games with some friends.  After that is when I finished “the Good Nurse.” I now am reading a book by Irene Hannon called “Vanished.”  It is book 1 in the Private Justice series.  I love her mystery and suspense stuff.  today, Merv and I watched an online service live from Calvary chapel fort Lauderdale, as we always do and found that enriching.  Now am just watching shows on Netflix.  Later, I will be attending  the online sunday service for ICC and may do bible reading for them if they need it.  So that’s what’s up from here.

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