Two Concepts

I have been spending a lot of time praying and worshipping God lately. I have two profound (at least to me) things I want to share that God has revealed to me last night and this morning.


Number one thing is that it’s not up to me. I keep thinking it’s up to me to make the people around me happy. I feel like I have to watch my P’s and Q’s around my husband. I feel like one wrong move, and boom! I have failed irrevocably, and nothing I or anyone else does can make it right. That is so wrong on so many levels! That is limiting God, because all things are possible with Him. He has promised to work all things out for the good, so no matter what mistakes I make, He can and will make it good. It’s not up to me to always do the right thing, and if I keep trying to do that, I will inevitably fail because I can’t. It is impossible for me. It is only possible for me to succeed so long as I hold onto God’s strength.


The other concept kind of goes along with this, but not completely. I was reading in Ezekiel 43 today, and God told them about the burnt offerings they were to make. He then said that he would accept the people with delight. He accepts our burnt offerings, our offering of ourselves, with delight. But that’s not all. When Jesus paid the price for our sins, He accepts that, He accepts us when we accept that, with delight. There are times I have believed that God might be in heaven saying, “Well, I made them, I have to love them because hey, I made them, so ok, we’ll offer this sacrifice so they can be accepted. It was not grudging! No way! It is with delight! He delighted to do that! That is amazing to me! All that pain, he did it not grudgingly, but with delight because He wanted us so much. That, to me, is the gospel in a nutshell and helps me see it in a fresh, new light. I hope others reading this find help and hope in this as well.


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