Thoughts for A Sunday

I am not even sure where to begin. I am not even sure where this post is going to take me. But I am restless. Today is my last day off for Christmas. I had such high hopes for this time off. I was going to connect more with my husband, I öas going to come back from this time rejuvenated, rating to go. None of it happened, and now I face another work week looming ahead of me, four days this time. Of course, I knew this would happen, didn’t I? You put all your hopes in time away, and it never delivers. The Bible tells us to put our hope in God. Yet, didn’t I do that? Friday, I spent a bunch of time just praying, listening to music, reading Scripture. And I felt refreshed. But keeping that going throughout the day, that’s the hard part. Would love some input on how others do this. And yesterday, I failed miserably in my time with God. I had volunteered to host our skype prayer group, which means I was the one everyone called and I managed the group conversation. I am reading a book to them with my Braille display. After that was done, everyone was talking. I decided to finish up my bible reading while still on the call. I did not break away from everything5 Part of it was because there was this one guy who kept dropping and claimed he couldn’t rejoin, even though you surely can. So I had to keep adding him. But, you know, I could have let them talk, move away, and spent that time just me and God, for now I am in a öorse position.  Now, Ias cranky the rest of the day and now, I do not have the readiness to face tomorrow, and believe me, my job can be stressful. This is not news to anyone who kno4s what I do.  So I have learned this lesson the hard way. Do not neglect that time with God, no matter what you do.  If you get used to it, He spoils you so that without it, life is just not the same. And that’s a good thing. And now, as a side note, a friend just sent me a true blessing. She has been sending me songs that encourage on Apple Music. And I love Apple Music!Thank you, Lord, for good friends who think of me!

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