Does This Make Me Happy?

Many of you may remember a post I did sometime back about how to determine what I should and should not read. I was talking to my counselor last night; he is a pastor and very much made of awesomeness. Anyway, we were talking about what it truly means to seek God first and how that plays out practically and how the key is relationship. We talked about having truly back-and-forth conversations with God. Well, I had one of those this morning about reading material, and here is what the Lord and I came up with. Now this is going to sound simplistic, but it’s more than it sounds, but the bottom line is this question to ask myself, and I know the full implication. Does this book or whatever make me happy? No, I don’t simply mean does it make me happy in this feel-good kind of way. I mean, does it make me happy either yes, because of that, but it can be more. Like, does it make me happy because it teaches me something about the human condition, makes me think, gives me more appreciation for what people care about and what makes them tick? If it does, then it is something I want to read. If it just makes me angry inside, makes me have hatred only for some of the villains, without any compassion because this situation is just a fantasy world, then maybe it’s one I, personally, should just not read, and my time, which is not limitless, would be better spent. Now that’s not to say if it’s a fantasy world with situations that are totally out there, that’s it for that book. If it is that kind of situation, then the feel-good, happy feeling has to be more of a gauge because for the most part, and I’ve looked for lessons in them, they don’t teach you anything about the true human condition in this world we live in. So in that case, if they make me feel good and brighten my day, then I will read hem. But if all I get from them is anger and an emptiness, even if it did keep me turning the pages, then bye bye! On to something that does or that teaches. I hope this isn’t too simplistic and hat it makes sense. It’s how God laid it out for me and helped me immensely. But remember, your criteria may be different, and look to God to lay that out for you in a way you can understand. I promise, He will. My counselor told me He would, and He did. God will never let you down!

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