Godliness with Contentment

Remember when the Powerball was up to I think it was over a billion dollars? This was a couple weeks ago. I was reading in my Twisted: Bible Plan about how money isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the key Paul was getting at in 1 Timothy 6 was godliness with contentment. The plan author said why do we play the lottery? Well, it’s because we think the money will bring us secanurity, happiness, significance. We already have that from God himself! And we do have it, whereas all that money won’t bring us that! We already have all the lottery winnings we will ever need or want! Why do I want millions of dollars? I could get the best braille display money can buy. Then, I could really rathereach out to people! Really worship God even better! How? This thing is slow but will a new braille display really make it better? Maybe faster. But maybe being forced to take my time is a good thing! Be content with what I have! And if I didn’t have even this, I can find a way to be content with even that! But I do, and I thank God right now! No, this is only a 14-35ll braille display, which means I read 14 characters at a time. And 80 characters would be awesome! But if I only have 14 characters, does that make me less able to worship God? Does that mean my relationship with God wouldn’t or couldn’t be as good? Sounds quite ridiculous, doesn’t it?
Thank You, God, for showing me this!

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