Don’t Rush: In His Presence

Everything I read today tells me not to rush. Worship, don’t rush. Sometimes, when I feel like I’ve drifted away from God in the daytime, then I realize I need to come back, I wonder, what do I say? I have drawn a blank. My counselor/pastor offered something, and everything I have read seems to confirm it today, everything God is showing me.


Just remember: I am in His presence. Always. He is alive in me, and I am in His presence. A prayer can be one word. My husband’s name, my counselor’s name, a friend’s name. and God knows.. just remember: He is there. He is there. He is there!


Remember and confess my sin. And the more I remember how sinful I am, I can then feel more loving toward others. I want God to give me a true sense of how sinful I am. I want to love others. I want to realize that I’m no better than they are. I don’t like thinking I’m better, yet I so often do. I love the song I am listening to right now on Pandora, “This Is Amazing Grace” by Phil Wickham. Yet do I truly get it? No. I don’t think so. But I want to. But does anyone truly get it? Probably not. But oh, do I want to!


My prayer today is to love God more, then to love others more too. The song just switched, and I am now hearing “Good to Be Alive” by Jason Gray. Another awesome song! But do I take it for granted? Yes. Half the time, I don’t think it’s good to be alive at all. OH Lord, let me be more worshipful. Let me be more thankful. Let me not rush. Let me stop and worship, truly worship You!

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