Grumbling about our Mission Field

I read something on twitter today that really made me think, and I have also seen it in various Scriptures I have read today. The question was: Am I grumbling about my mission field? I have to say the answer to that is, “Yes.” There are definite times that I think, oh man! Why do I have to deal with this person? Yet God has put them there for a reason. Of course, dealing with customers on a daily basis, you talk to people at different levels. Paul said in Romans 1 verse 14 that he had a burden for the civilized and the uncivilized, and this one was what really got me: for the educated and uneducated alike. Ouch! How many times do we, do I, put others down, think them less intelligent than I am? But they are children of God too, or potential children of God if they haven’t accepted Christ. And I need to love them, not put them down. God cares about them just as he cares about me. He came to forgive their sins, just as He came to forgive mine! Also, Paul spent so much time praying for his fellow brothers and sisters! Do I do this? He did it day and night. He had such compassion! Lord, develop in me such compassion for others and for my fellow brothers and sisters in You! Only by obeying God can we have full, joyful lives. And these things are major parts of obedience!

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