Taking time

Wow! I am listening to some joyce Meyer teachings tonight, and something hit me. I don’t like hearing this. I don’t like hearing that I don’t get enough rest, that I do too much. I was talking to my husband about this this morning. Here joyce is saying that when you get out of balance, you get cranky. Merv said the same thing. I find myself doing this all the time. I need to do this many bible plans, this bible reading, this and that before work. If I don’t check this and that and the other thing, then oh my! I don’t know if I think the world will end or what? But to me, it’s a catastrophe.


When I truly take time to do what truly matters, spend time with my husband, with god, that makes the difference.


For instance, just now, I was asking my amazon echo device to play something. Merv’s echo device started up as well. He was joking around about what was I doing with his chick. So I went over to him and we teased and flirted for a few minutes. it felt so good. If I was worried about the messenger conversation with a friend, the e-mail I had to check, the twitter I wanted to go through, I would have missed out. I am so thankful for so many things tonight. I also did take time to talk to a friend on messenger, to really ask how she was as she’s going through a lot. Taking time for these things is so important. I am learning this so much lately it helped me too, to care for someone, to reach out.


Wherever you are, be thankful. Reach out to your family today, and if you can, reach out to a friend too.

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1 Response to Taking time

  1. Katiedash says:

    Thank you for being there yesterday! Love you!

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