I am Double Minded

“People like that are thinking two different things at the same time. They can never decide what to do. So they should not think they will receive anything from the Lord.”

‭‭James‬ ‭1:7-8‬ ‭ERV‬‬


That’s me. I am overwhelmed with so many things. But one big thing has my attention. I am set to go on a trip next week. Now, there are issues with work that may cause problems. I am very quick to throw in the towel on this and say, “It’s not God’s will for me to go.” But that’s beconestly, part of me doesn’t want to go. It means leaving my husband for a week. What if something happens to him? What if I never see him again? I don’t even know what to ask erod for. I don’t even know what the I want. My husband said it would be nice sometime for me to have time off just so we could do some things around here. I found myself warming to this idea. Yeah. I can’t handle the stress of whatis going on with work forth. It looks like I will have to take a bunch of stuff in only one carry-on. So let’s just throw in the towel. After all, tomorrow, I have to work late and this week is just too stressful to deal with this. To fight this battle. Maybe it’s God’s will. So I convince myself. But then, I won’t be happy if I don’t go either. Because I am so double minded. So I am spending time today, seeking God, trying to figure out what wisdom I need from Him. What do I want? Only He knows right now. What is best for me? Only He knows right now.

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1 Response to I am Double Minded

  1. ACountryBoy says:

    This is a really good post. We need to spend time with God to know what His will is.

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