Emotions Affect Others

I read this in a bible plan today.

Imagine you’re about to walk out the door. You’ve got on a new shirt. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror as you pass by it. Not bad! Looking pretty good today. Feeling pretty good, too! It’s gonna be a great day.

You get to school, feeling confident, and some jerk sarcastically says, “New shirt?” followed by a snort, eye roll, and a group of others chuckling and walking away from you. Ouch. Good mood over.

Or, imagine this. You’ve had a horrible day. Failed a test. Got laughed at. Your head hurts. You have another test tomorrow, but you still have no idea what to even study.

And then, you get a text from your friend. “You seemed sad today. Don’t be! I believe in you. Hang out later?” Best. Text. Ever! Bad day over.

Emotions are powerful, powerful things. They can make or break a person. Your positive attitude and emotions can be life-giving. They’re contagious! You can really make a big difference in someone’s life just by smiling and sharing your kindness with them.

But remember, your negative and hurtful emotions can be contagious, too. When you’re feeling sarcastic, angry, sad, whatever, find a way to ask for help. Be careful you’re not killing the mood of everyone around you. Find someone who can give you a kind word. Don’t be the one to stir up arguments. Be the patient one whose kindness can calm everyone around you!

So here’s something to ponder. How can we do that today? First, as they said, ask for help. Our Heavenly Father is always willing to help, so ask! Ask Him to help you not let negative emotions get you down. In what ways can we try to spread the contagion of positive emotions around to others today?

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