I Want to Be Single-Minded

I realize yesterday, when I posted about being double-minded, (which, by the way, God has closed any door for me NOT to take this trip), I realize the meaning was totally different than what I am talking about today. I realize that you can be double minded in at least a couple different ways. A devotion I read today asked the question, “How would Jesus do your job differently?” The suggestion given was that Jesus might be totally single minded and focused on one task. Ouch! Does that step on your toes today like it does mine? I might be listening to a customer and thinking, I don’t need to give them my whole attention, so I’ll look at something on the computer. After all, they are taking forever to say what they want to say, etc. Ouch! I guess I am more double minded than I thought. Needless to say, that person deserves my whole focus. That’s what Jesus would do! That’s what Jesus did!

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