Is God Above All?

In my Bible Reading today, in Ezra, the Israelites had married with the peoples around them. They had to give up these foreign wives. I imagine they loved them, some of them. In a retelling of this, by Lznn Austin, one of the Levites featured in the story married a foreigner. In his case, she had been rejected by her family because of a physical defect. She had been raised by a Jewish fmily and chosen to follow God. She had to be examined by the elders, though, and was eventually allowed to stay married to her husband because she had totally rejected the practices of her original family. However, before that happened, he had to reconcile with the fact that God had to be more important, had to be everything. If it went the other way, he had to be ok with that. In 1 Corinthians, Paul had to address sexual immorality. Again, God had to be above all. So this leads me to think: Is God above all in my life? Is he above my comfort? Is he above my job? If I had to give up my job for him? Would I give up comforts for Him? If we can evaluate ourselves and say, ok God, You win. I want You to be above all. Then, we can experience the smile of God.

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