The Circle of Life

I haven’t posted in a while, so some of you don’t know. My father has cancer. It is at the end stage. It is a tumor like no other any doctor has seen. Today, we did FaceTime. My father had to get back into bed. I thought, we can do FaceTime. I went in May to spend time with him. He cried out in pain. Moving hurt him. I just had to hold his hand. I have to! I have been praying, for days. Do I go? Pack up everything? Inconvenience the company I work for? But hearing that. No question. I have to hold his hand. to tell him I’m there. Tell him, I know it’s difficult, but focus on my hand. My love. Show him God’s love through me. He was then asleep. He twitched as if in pain, bad pain. We are watching NCIS today. It’s one of my family’s favorite shows. I watch it and think of you, Dad. Then there’s my sister. I haven’t always thought she cared. Haven’t always gotten along. But today she was so pleasant to talk to. Maybe, this is a time when we can become closer. Maybe I can let go of the past. Maybe I can move on to forgive, to trust. To love. Not to be left out or afraid of rejection. This is a new day. Last night, my dad said, in his sleep that he wanted to watch The 34th Miracle. They weren’t sure what he meant, until they figured out, Miracle on 34th Street. I told my mom to tell him that when I get there, we will watch The 34th Miracle. My sister said, “Yes, we’ll all watch it together!” Of course, the original one, because that’s the only one my dad and I  will watch. My sister doesn’t have an opinion because she hasn’t seen either one. My mom likes both. One last thing: If you have parents, if you have siblings, tell them you love them. I don’t care if you’re mad at them. I don’t care if they are the most horrible people on this planet. God loves them. He commands us to. And everyone could use a little more love.

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