No! Not That Person!

Someone invited me to a bible plan that started today. It was called “Launch out into the Deep.” Today it talked about what our “ocean” is. What we are afraid to launch out into. Then, I rd a devotion about hearing God’s voice. I would like to tell you I don’t know what God wants of me at this time. There are people He wants me to reach out to, to show love to. But not these people! One of them wants technical help when they can get it, and when you give it to them, they get mean when it doesn’t go

xactly according to plan or they aren’t grasping the concept. It’s your fault! Many people have almost written this person off, and the fleshly part of me, the part I’d like to listen to, doesn’t blame them. There is only so much you should have to put up with. Frankly, I don’t want to. I put up with it enough at work. Why should I subject myself to more? But God is calling me clearly to reach out, show love. Why me, God? Don’t you care how exhausting this person is? The second person is one I work with. This person has their own set of quirks, and if you don’t thank them immediately for a favor, because you get distracted or any number of things, you are snapped back in a hurry. Yet, obedience brings peace. And I won’t have peace until I obey God. I don’t want to! I am fighting it with every fiber of my being! The funny thing is, I think my life would be more peaceful if I just deal with these people as little as possible. But since God has called me to this, I know from experience, now, my life won’t be peaceful until I rch out to them, open myself up to whatever God has in store. So here we go! A text will be going out sometime today, and tomorrow, I will try to engage with person number 2. Stay tuned.

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