Focusing on the Person, Not the Problem

I have beoing a bible plan with fellow members of my Church Online prayer team. I picked it, and it is proving to be very thought-provoking. Today, it was talking about how you need to boing what your “it” is, and if you are doing your job just for the paycheck and nothing else, you are not using your “it” to its full potential. But in my case, I realized my problem is not that my job does not utilize my skills. You does! My problem is, when I get a call from a customer, I end up focusing on the problem, not the person. Of course, the problem is important, but if I focus on that, I can get bogged down. Behind that problem is a person, a human being just like me. Behind that problem is someone with feelings. Their problem may seem very trivial to me, but to them, it is important enough that they wanted to call us and spend time holding on the phone about it. It’s also the same with people around me. They may go on and on and talk about things that I really get tired of hearing about, or could care less about, but in all honesty, if they bring it up, it’s important to them, at least to some extent. I believe if I think this way, it could truly transform my attitude in a big way.

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