I was thinking about this. I plan to check out the Hallmark movies today, despite what’s on. My mom loves doing this. Usually, I’d look at the description and see if it looked good. I remember when I was a kid, widn’t have that option. told my mom yesterday that I saw a movie listed when I was looking about shoes. No, it wasn’t the Christmas Shoes; it was something else. She said it was good. It didn’t look good to me, but I probably missed a treasure. I remember turning on the rdio and wondering, Will the next song be a Christmas song? It was the anticipation and the thrill when it was! Now, with Youtube and Spotify, we can choose. Isn’t it fun having the control taken out of our hands sometimes? And I just thought of this! Maybe, if we let God have control, we will discover new fun thing; and thrills we wouldn’t have in our own control!

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