Surrender: The First Step

So I have been rding a bible plan that I was invited to called “The New Y.” It talks about committing to changing things to improve physic also, mental, and spiritual health. To be honest, the physical part is the hardest for me. My health is not good. Because of the health issues I have, my exercise tolerance is very low and it is very hard for me to do it. It hurts and makes me very short of breath. When I first started this plan, I thought, well I just need to do it! Push myself! But today was a revelation. The first step is not to jump in or to push yourself. No. The first step is surrender. Surrender your body to God. So God, You know what a losing battle it is for me because of my meds. You know that I get tired of the fight to either lose weight or get more healthy and just want to give up. So I am going to surrender to You. I will let You lead me in this. There were 2 more steps given. Don’t make excuses. Well, Lord, I feel like my exercise intolerance is a reason, not an excuse, but if it is, I ask Your forgiveness and help for me to find a way. Help me find the small steps I can take, which is the third piece of advice given. Amen!

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