Wanting God More Than than His Promises

I was reading one of my Bible plans today. It talked about the rich young ruler. the plan said that Jesus wasn’t saying that it was him bethe rich that was the problem. The problem was what he wanted. He wanted eternal life more than the Giver of eternal life. It really convicted me. When I got saved, I was one very those people they talked about in the plan. I wanted to get to heaven. I wanted to escape hell. When I was growing up, we were taught that we didn’t know until wied if we’d get to heaven or hell. God would decide that. So when I found out there was a sure way to go to heaven, I was all for it! But the Giver, God, is more important. What makes heaven heaven isn’t the mansions or the streets of gold. It’s “the company,” as the plan said. Lord, forgive me for wanting the gifts more than Y. Now, my word for the year, intimacy, really takes on even more neaning. Help me develop that intimacy with You this year. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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