A Question to ponder

I am risking something sharing this.  It may sound very trite.  It may sound very stupid, but I am going to share it anyway, in the hope that someone else out there can relate.


IN a devotional I read today, the following question was posed:


What has held me back from grabbing Jesus’ hand when I’ve needed help?


the answer that came to me, again, seems so childlike, so rather strange, but here is what I prayed.


What has kept me from grabbing onto god’s hand?  I don’t know how!  how do I grab Your hand, Lord?


Obviously, I cannot hold onto his hand physically and grab it.


When I pray and say, Lord, help me in this situation, it seems like I can never help but to actually take it back and try to do it myself anyway.  I don’t know how to *not* do that.


so, hence, the question.  How do you grab god’s hand?  how do you grab it without letting go?  Any ideas or wisdom anyone can provide would definitely be welcome here.

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